Auction system with specific reference to onshore wind


Background paper explains the German auction system in the RES Act 2017.

With this paper, the Fachagentur Windenergie an Land introduces the auction-specific rules in the RES Act 2017 that govern the funding of electricity from onshore wind energy installations. An overview of the various funding options is first presented. This is followed by an explanation of the auction procedure for determining the level of support for electricity from onshore wind installations, with particular attention given to the various steps in the procedure, the requirements to be met by the bids and the consequences if funding is awarded or a bid is not considered. A substantial part is dedicated to explaining the special auction rules for citizens’ energy companies. This is followed by a chapter dealing with possibilities for funding outside the auction procedure framework. The publication is designed as a useful guide to the new auction-related developments. It aims to provide guidance to anyone interested in taking part in the auction process, and is intended as an easy-to-follow reference for all stakeholders. The paper is now also available in English for download on our website.

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